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Types of Poker Tournaments

When you say that you are interested in playing in poker tournaments online, it is important first to differentiate between several online poker tournament variants. For example, if you want to play against the largest number of players, you might consider the MTTs or multi-table tournaments. If you are interested in alternative prizes, you might consider a bounty tournament instead. Below are the most common types of online poker tournaments:

  • Multi-table tournaments – These are the most common variety of online poker tournament and are exactly as they sound. They use many tables with a pre-determined number of players at each. As the players lose all of their chips the number of tables decreases until there is the final table that determines the winner. These have an array of prizes and payouts, and can vary dramatically in terms of the numbers of players seated in the tournament. They are also a common format for “brick and mortar” tournaments as well.

  • Sit and Go – These are very common online tournaments that use one or two tables and only begin when all of the seats are filled. They get their name from the fact that players will “sit”, and only then can the poker game “go”. These are the most common versions with fixed jackpots, limited numbers of participants and awards going to the top three players.

  • Satellite – These are tournaments that exist entirely for advancement to another larger tournament. The players are just competing to gain a seat or access to a much more substantial poker tournament. For instance, some players engage in satellite tournaments with £20 buy-ins, but win seats worth thousands of pounds in other tournaments.

  • Bounty – This is a form of multi-table tournament that gives a player an additional prize for knocking out another player in a hand of poker. The players will each pay an additional fee or have a portion of the buy in fee assigned as a bounty, and the player who defeats them receives the bounty as a reward. These prizes will go to the player even if they do not win their hand.

  • Turbo – These are tournaments in which the stakes are increased rapidly and which means that fast play dictates the rules. They are most often the multi-table tournaments or the sit-and-go types.

  • Rebuy – Not all tournaments allow players to have access to the rebuy option. This is a tournament in which the first few hands present players with the chance to restock themselves with chips. The price to rebuy is often the same as the buy-in for the tournament, but it tends to come with more chips for the rebuy. There is also the variation known as the “add-on” that allows the player to purchase chips shortly before the game converts into a freezeout format.

If you are interested in engaging in any of the tournaments described above, feel free to visit any of the sites listed above simply by clicking on the links provided. Peruse the details of each site to help you select the best online poker site for you. From here you can visit the different poker tournaments and learn what the current bonus payments are going to be and when the next games begin. We hope you will use this page as a “go-to” solution for all of your tournament activities and to find out the latest details of the different opportunities available.

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