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What is a Poker Bonus?

A poker bonus is money which an online poker site offers players as an enticing promotion after their first deposit when playing with real money. Is it important to look for an online poker bonus when choosing a site? Absolutely. After all, this is just like free money the site is giving you to win your business. Of course, you should also take into consideration other factors, such as security, the features of the online poker site and the level of competition. There is no sense in joining a site just because of the poker bonus. However, if other factors are equal, the online poker site bonus could be the deciding factor.

What Types of Poker Bonuses Are There?

There are generally several types of online poker bonus.

  1. Instant Cash: With this, you will immediately receive a certain amount of cash added to your account. It is rare to see this today, and usually will be £10 or less. Sometimes, you are not even required to make a deposit.

  2. Match Pending Bonus: This is by far the most common type of online poker site bonus today. You make a deposit and the site will match this up to a certain percentage (this could range from 25% up to 250%). This will usually be capped. For example, you may see a 100% match up to £500. This means that anything you deposit up to £500 will be matched pound for pound. However, anything over £500 will still only be entitled to a £500 match bonus. Typically, these bonuses are not immediately converted into cash; you will be required to play a certain amount of hands in order to have this bonus “released” in increments.

  3. Reload Bonus: This is money given to you when making an additional deposit. It is almost never as significant as the initial match bonus, but still free money. It is also released incrementally as you play.

  4. Referral Bonus: Also called a “refer-a-friend” bonus, you will earn cash when your friends (or people that you have referred) sign up, deposit money and play a certain number of hands. Conditions for this vary, but it usually ranges from £10-£50, and may be given as actual cash or an incrementally released poker bonus.

What Type of Bonus Should I Look For?

First, read the rules and make sure you understand them. Typically a match pending bonus will expire if it is not ‘cleared’ or released within 30 or 60 days.

Second, decide at what levels you feel comfortable playing. There is no sense in moving up to a £10/£20 game when you have previously played at the £2/£4 level. You may want to calculate how man raked hands at each level it would require. Then decide if you can accomplish this much play within the required time period. If you need to maybe choose a smaller bonus that you are sure you can clear comfortably.

How Do I Accumulate Points and “Clear” the Bonus?

Basically, you accumulate points by playing poker. Check the rules, because many sites reward more points for playing in cash games than they do in tournaments.

How Can I Track My Player Points?

You should be able to see the total points you have earned through the cashier tab. However, if this does not work, contact support on your site. Also check how often they are updated; some sites update points in real-time, others once a day.

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